Forgive me, because I have been foolish in my ways.

Forgive me, because I take for granted your beauty.

Forgive me, for my destructive tendencies.

Forgive me, for underestimating your vulnerability.

Forgive me, because I take all you offer, yet fail to return the favor.

Forgive me, for ignoring your tears.

Forgive me, because I am self-centered.

Forgive me, because I don’t appreciate your charity.

Forgive me, because I am arrogant and unwilling to see my faults.

Forgive me, for my endless demands.

Forgive me, for not listening to your needs.

Forgive me, for taking advantage of your kind heart.

Forgive me Mother Earth, for I have been foolish in my ways.


Measure me by the impossible.

Place ahead of me the unreachable.

Set before me the immovable.

Put me up against the unstoppable.

Send me through the inconceivable.

Test me with the unattainable.

Stand in front of me the indestructible.

Position me behind the unbreakable.

Judge me by the incredible.

Rank me among the remarkable.

Because in the end, I’m here to be unbelievable.

athletic addiction

For a moment we are separated from life.  We are still living, but by a different creed.

For a moment we mystify and mesmerize.  We become the miraculous.

For a moment we inspire the masses.  We silence the critics.  We convert the nonbelievers.

For a moment we overcome our circumstances.  Our limitations.  Our handicaps.

For a moment we strain and struggle.  We fight for victory.

For a moment we are timeless; our actions unforgettable; our character legendary.

For a moment the divided become united.  We tear down borders and rally nations.

For a moment we bathe in our glory or humble in our defeat.

We play for only a moment, but for a moment we are free.